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Or have experienced a best friend celebrate her 2-year anniversary with her boyfriend who goes to another school.

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I totally rooted for her to fulfill her every aspiration AND land the football hottie of her dreams!

But it keeps things interesting and fun. There you have it! We Tijuana hookers to uncover whether the heartaches are worth it or if these relationships take away from the college experience.

Their rapid Colkege banter was a total riot, their sweet, soul deep connection gave me with giddy butterflies, and I was so swept up in their passionate youthful exuberance and shared dreams of achieving greatness it made my toes curl! Frankly I get annoyed of people knowing about my life.

There were plenty of things I could igrl handled differently. I have twice as many friends. So you could say they were okay with it.

We would never raise our voices to each other or anything. I like being there for him. I was so excited to be with him, my first boyfriend, than we kind of ended up living together and neglecting some of our other relationships. Some of Cllege guy friends will even call him to hang out before they call me!

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It is really nice to look at your phone and always see a text. Or have experienced a best friend celebrate her 2-year anniversary with her boyfriend who goes to another school.

Ever wonder why they do it? We were friends for a really long time.

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Not really. Still sucks. Thanks for reading and look forward to the comments!

Or how about listening loove your roommate Skype with his girlfriend every night? Once everything was finally in the open it was pretty much done.

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Decreased it. It did effect them towards the end when I was always in a bad mood and took it out on my friends.

You only have to worry about yourself. The fact Collfge he believes in me makes me feel like I can do anything, and a lot more confident in myself.

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Being with him made my social life better. And the best part? Thank you to all that participated! Negatively… I have a little bit of social life.

I found out after we broke up that most of them hated him. I have good balance.

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Boyfriend is kind of protective.

What Do You Think:. Fights are never serious.

When things are bad, they hate him. He has been my best friend for five years. Yet there Colleeg so much more to this brazenly sexy stud than meets the eye!

How has the relationship affected your social life?

The bad times make the good times that much better. How Was The Break Up? It seemed natural because we started out as friends.

It was more fulfilling then random hookups. Instead of going home with my friends or ordering cheap Asian food, I would go with my partner and have an lvoe sleepover.