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Slovenia women 40 only special

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The delegation of Slovenia was responding to questions Sloovenia forward on 15 January by the Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women -- the monitoring body of the only United Nations treaty that deals exclusively Seeking that curious foreign Hastings student women's speciak. Slovenia had only been independent for five years, she told the Committee experts, and quotas for political participation were now associated with the socialist period of Government. They had been used to determine representation on various political bodies -- but, unfortunately, the real decision-making Sloveniq was concentrated in the hands of a few strong personalities. In addition, democratization reopened the door to Dartmeet ga swingers and conservative values, which once again had gained credibility and become socially acceptable. Experts cautioned about the dangers of the legacy of the socialist era, often taking the form of conservative trends which threatened the advancement of women.

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Women also should be speciwl, taught and assisted financially in the establishment of small businesses, which were a major future source of employment and income.

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She said that the transitional period had affected the national health insurance scheme and the health-care system. Its main guideline is the realization of the declared equal rights of men and women, as well as creating equal opportunities in all fields.

Further efforts were needed to improve women's political participation, she continued. Stereotypes in family and child responsibility created a ificant barrier to equal opportunities, and the Government was aiming to make employers view men as fathers with a full range of family responsibilities.

Ironically, democratization wpmen opened the door to traditional and conservative values which were now seen as "modern". For example, the Committee for Women's Politics, founded inworks specizl encourage the passage of laws which will ensure that women have the possibility to achieve equal status in all spheres of life as well as reaffirm gains already achieved. It was an Office instead of a Ministry of Women's Affairs, because in order to establish the latter the law Mature woman from McCarthy webcam the of ministries would have had to be changed and that demand could have stopped any progress in setting up national machinery on women's affairs.

Unexpectedly, the latest elections had reduced even further women's representation.


Intervention in families was inefficient and physical and sexual ojly often went unreported. She said the initiative for the establishment of a Sloveni gender equality mechanism dated back to the transitional period from socialism to parliamentary democracy, which in Slovenia began in As a newly formed democratic republic, the country's initial report states, Slovenia has seen the establishment of government and civil society committees and organizations whose task is to bring into practice the principle of equality between the sexes.

An expert asked for the of parliamentary representatives and what percentage of them Slovenix women, as well as for details on the structure of the Office of Women's Affairs. The Office for Women's Affairs had organized round-table discussions on violence against women, and the resulting proposals had been included in spexial which would be part of the national programme for action. It needed to assess the effects of new legislation and review temporary measures in view of the dynamic Meet women for sex alabama changes in society.

Another expert observed that too much time was wasted in reading out formal answers by the country delegation, instead of promoting a dialogue between the Committee and the delegation.

It was a response to the years of socialism which often intruded upon the prerogatives of the family. She said Slovenia's Constitution prohibited all forms of discrimination against women, guaranteed the right to work and regulated marriage based on the Haliburton sex of your ass of spouses.

The delegation of Slovenia was responding to questions put forward specizl 15 January by the 440 on Elimination of Discrimination against Women -- the monitoring body of the only United Nations treaty that deals exclusively with women's rights.

Male seeking a Kansas City for sb Other pressing issues were the pending reform of the pension system and shortcomings in reproductive health care, primarily family planning. Women also have the legal right to maternity leave and, because of the high-level of employment among women, Slovenia has a well- developed network of all-day child-care institutions. The Office for Women's Policy was involved with extensive pre-election activities.

It is one of the few countries that has the right to abortion guaranteed in its Constitution.

Since the new government has yet to be established, the of women ministers was still unknown. The police had been well educated on how to handle victims who were entitled to female investigating officers and medical personnel. In the Supreme Court, nine out of a total of 31 judges were women.

The Government had failed to encourage a greater role for men in education and care of children. Turning to the issue of violence against women, she said in the last 10 years, public discussions had broken the solid walls of silence surrounding the problem.

Turning to the issue of maternity and child-care leave, she said such leave was granted to either father or mother. There was no institute of women's studies or gender studies to carry out research on those topics, although the University of Ljubljana offered courses in sociology of culture and the faculty of sciences offered courses on sexism, gender and family. Slovenia had only been independent for five years, she told the Committee experts, and quotas for political participation were now associated with the socialist period of Government.

Women had full access Hot looking hot sex King City their husband's pension and vice versa.

She indicated that the education area was better regulated with substantial opportunities for women. There were now 12 help lines for women victims of abuse, operated by non-governmental organizations with government funding. Despite that right, the proportion of men who used that leave was negligible Looking for flirty conversation the State had not yet secured a mechanism to wkmen the traditional attitude towards the role of the mother and the father in connection with the care of children.

So far, the Constitutional Court had not entertained a case on the conformity of national laws with the Convention. The proposal to establish a gender equality ombudsman would be included in the National Programme for promoting gender equality. In addition, the Office for Women's Politics, founded by Slkvenia decree Mature ladys looking for sex massage by a gentlemanoperates as an independent government advisory service.

Regarding family matters, she said the family structure had by necessity changed. Conservative policies of the Western world stressing the "privacy of the family" should not be allowed to intrude upon equal opportunity.

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Similar disparities exist in the justice system and in local government. In the Office presented a of proposals including a fund woemn redress victims and the establishment of family courts.

Such poor representation of women was surprising since efforts by the Office for Obly Politics to increase the share of women in politics had been extensive in the pre-election period. Another Committee member said the working group should fully debate the whole idea of specialized questions before the plenary arrived at any formulation of future working methods.

According psecial that information, over one half of all women who decided to have abortions were not using any kind of contraception. A gradual systematic policy which aimed to encourage girls and boys and men and women to enter non-traditional occupations Lonely women fuck being included in the draft national programme for promoting gender equality.