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Str8married and need your dick sucked

I Wanting Dick

Str8married and need your dick sucked

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I've learned at the Adult Sex Shops here in Vegas that the best times for str8 dick is sometimes early in the morning, when guys will make a quick stop at the ABS booths for a super quick bj on their way to work. But, mostly I neev to be at the ABS's during the noontime lunch breaks.

Age: 32
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Wanting For A Man
City: Granite County, Independence County
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Adult Married Ready Swinger Sites

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I stepped into that booth and found a very attractive guy in his mid '40's with a rock hard 6. His sweatpants were down around his ankles and a 9" slender bbc was in his hands. About 5 or 6 minutes of steady cocksucking brought me the first load of the afternoon. About 5 minutes of cocksucking found him filling my mouth with his sweet load.

I did some of my best cocksuckin of the afternoon on his cock. I stepped in and what would you know???


I took as much as I could of his beautiful cock North Spearfish woman to fuck my mouth. I stepped inside and found a rather plain looking guy strr8married on the chair, his hard cock in his hand, jacking off to str8 porn. Completely satisfied with some of the funnest cocksucking I've had in a long time. I spent about 15 minutes of either being turned down or finding locked doors.

As we both put ourselves back together, I asked, "Do you come here often? But, mostly I try to be at the ABS's during the noontime lunch breaks. He was loving that.

This guy is one horny fucker. Had I wasted five bucks?

My tongue continued lower and he lifted his knees to his now bare, hairy chest. I tried the door knobs of the occupied booths. I ate him out, kissed his hole and made love to it for about 5 minutes.

Then he swung his leg over my head and pulled himself up from the chair. But I was getting frustrated. I spread his asscheeks and dove my tongue back into his hole.

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I did, and he soon stood and put his cock to my lips. He seemed to be enjoying it.

He was watching a str8 porn with a white chick taking a bbc in her ass. As his eyes stayed glued to the porn on the large screen, I locked the door behind me, Turtle Creek hot women off my glasses and put them in my pocket and knelt down in front of him, between his legs.

I let my tongue slip down until I found his puckered rosebud. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cockhead as he shot a rather large load into my mouth. He had to be the owner of the Harley Davidson that was parked out front. That was awesome".

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He loved that. I was in heaven. And from about pp when guys are on their way back home, after work, to the wife and. I hit up one of my favorite ABS's here Fuck buddy Murcia Vegas sycked afternoon about 4pm and I definitely hit the jackpot today. He was loving it. Soon, I could hear the familiar sounds that abd that he was getting close to coming.

I'm just going to put my face up to the hole. Soon, I was sucking on both his big, heavy balls and he began to stroke his own cock. I was considering calling it a day and heading home, when I made another swing down the hall of booths.

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He smiled at me and asked, "You dic, another go at it? He held my face and facefucked me as hard as he could. Finally, when I could feel his cockhead swelling and getting even harder, I knew he was getting ready to blow.